Simple, fast, fun surveys

Surveymoji is a new kind of feedback collection tool, using Emoji as the interface. It’s fun for both content owners and end users. Try it out and see for yourself!


Deploys in seconds. Captures data instantly. Immediate access to your feedback information.


Single-click interactions. Universally recognizable Emoji. A familiar and proven scale.


Feedback collection—and nothing else. No tracking, no ads, and no personally-identifiable data.

Get data without pestering people

Nobody actually enjoys doing a traditional survey. They’re cognitive tasks that require recollection and reflection. Surveymoji changes the survey interaction model, embracing simplicity and speed—that means more data for you with no burden on your audience.

Get started today, for free

Try the Demo, or jump to the Deployment Guide to get Surveymoji on your site, for free, in less than one minute.